Thursday, March 25, 2010

more twenty minutes daily warm ups

work, work, work

It just so happened that as a freelancer,  I was assigned to more than one project and now they overlapped; I am working on set, props and costumes for a play, which involves a lot of hard work and now is almost finished, I also am working as a team leader and illustrator,  on illustrations for storybooks for youngsters, they involve so much details, thought  and work,  and I have just finished a National Geographic documentary costume design. I also am a part time instructor for Scenography and Costume Design at the Jordan University. Not to mention my duties as a wife and mother of two teenagers.

I take advantage of my week-ends to meet dead tmes... this is a nightmare... I defnitely  need a break !!!!!

Am I trying to be superwoman ? or am I crazy? I don´t know how this happened. I love my work and I am passionate about all forms of art, but getting up in the morning is becomming a drag, and spending so much time working is starting to take its toll on my body and concentration

Am I the only one out there who is doing this ??? Or there are other women who want to prove to the world and to theselves that they are super human beings that can excell at everything they do?? I know some of my artist friends here in Jordan are working like that: life here is becoming hard and the price of living is rising everyday...

I miss the time when I could paint,  and spend time on the internet posting and commenting on other artist´s work... I miss painting for pleasure , and doing things at a slower pace... or getting up in the morning having nothing to do but get bored ... I really miss that!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

twenty minutes daily warm ups

Anne Buckner from Painting Friends did a twenty minutes daily warm up, where you paint anything from life without sketching,  and continue for twenty minutes  only,  then you put your brush down, scan it or take a photo and post it. It was inspired by Catherine Kartwright´s 20 minutes daily warm up.

I cannot thank Anne enough for this interesting project, I truly benefited from tis exercise, I paint without sketching already, and thought it may not add a lot to my skills or work, firstly everyone was surprised by how muc you can achieve intwenty minutes.and  I was proven wrong, this exercise makes you really focus on your subject and observe tones, shapes, shadows and colours in a way different from your usual comfortable zone.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

passion for ballet

passion for ballet

these are some of my watercolours

Book illstrations

I am curently working on story-book illustrations for the Amman Municipality, they are due next week... I have enjoyed the experience a lot it is totaly different from any other style of drawing, sometimes it is very illustrative and detailed ... unlike my usual looser style , but it was worth doing ... I think it is important for the artist to work in different styles and paces to stretch your abilities and techniques.I will post some of the illustrations soon. The work has taken so long and took a lot of energy, I didn´t have time to paint and post in my favourite sites... but of course this is only temperary

Friday, March 5, 2010

some of my recent watercolours

passion with art

Welcome to my blog... I have been asked to create a blog so many times, but didn´t have the time to do it ... busy... busy... busy I like to share with you my journey in the art and design world...being very passionate about art in all its forms, helped me have a diverse kind of experiences in my career as a costume, props and set designer, working in Tv for many years also introduced me to the theatre and then the Movies. I integrated art into my work as a costume and set designer, so every design I do is a painting and should be a very special piece in its own right. I paint in watercolours , mainly portraits, figures, still lifes and landscapes and street scenes from my country and other countries I have visited.
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