Sunday, March 21, 2010

twenty minutes daily warm ups

Anne Buckner from Painting Friends did a twenty minutes daily warm up, where you paint anything from life without sketching,  and continue for twenty minutes  only,  then you put your brush down, scan it or take a photo and post it. It was inspired by Catherine Kartwright´s 20 minutes daily warm up.

I cannot thank Anne enough for this interesting project, I truly benefited from tis exercise, I paint without sketching already, and thought it may not add a lot to my skills or work, firstly everyone was surprised by how muc you can achieve intwenty minutes.and  I was proven wrong, this exercise makes you really focus on your subject and observe tones, shapes, shadows and colours in a way different from your usual comfortable zone.


  1. these are great 20 min studies jamila ...esp love the red shoes tap and coffee pot

  2. Thank you Jane ... so good to see you again


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