Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi everybody...

Thank you so much to everyone who is kind enough to follow my blog...

I am sorry if I don´t post any new work , all the paintings I am posting were done a few months ago, since I am currently working on storybook illustrations and they take a lot of thought and time , and are full of details, it wasn´t easy to find too much time to paint for fun and passion. I will be finished with these soon and I will be able to share more with you...

These were done for a weekend painting event for wetcanvas each one took about an hour and they were all done without preliminary sketch

this is done in sepia watercolours on paper

A pencil study of the same figure as the previous painting

watercolours on paper also without a preliminary sketch

Sunday, April 18, 2010

watercolour painting figures, lanscapes and more

Hello everybody ... thank you for everyone who is following my blog and leaving comments... I appreciate this a lot...

I guess that was not the right time to start a blog ... you see I´m still very busy ... but at least I am posting my work that I have done the past few months ... that is before I got really busy.

These are a few landscapes done in January for the WDE on Wetcanvas...
All done without a prelininary sketch and in watercolours on paper

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

All Media Weekend Challenges

These paintings were done for all media weekend challenge on wetcanvas ... this is a weekly challenge and the host posts photos that you have two hours to paint then you stop and scan or photo your work at two hours.. usually these take my between one to one and a half hours..
Te good thing about these WDE is that they take you away from your comfort zone ... so you  work harder and stretch your abilities... also you share with a group of wonderful artists and get constructive critisism
Due to my demanding work at the moment I am not doing these challenges , but I hope to go back to them soon

These were done in January 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

some older work from my favourites

I am still very busy, but I am posting now some of my older work, but I hope I will be able to share my work in progress once I am done with the illustrations                                        
this painting was done a few months ago, I am experimenting with painting without a preliminary sketch... which made me focus very carefully on shapes, tones and shadows.... starting with the darks first and softening them into the whites of the paper to preserve the lights... 
this is a ballerina after rehearsal, I have seen dancers in my work and watched their gruelling routine day in and day out... it amazes me that audiences have no clue of the very hard work and long hours involving the work backstage

This was taken from a reference photo of an old local woman taking a break from working in the field

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