Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi everybody...

Thank you so much to everyone who is kind enough to follow my blog...

I am sorry if I don´t post any new work , all the paintings I am posting were done a few months ago, since I am currently working on storybook illustrations and they take a lot of thought and time , and are full of details, it wasn´t easy to find too much time to paint for fun and passion. I will be finished with these soon and I will be able to share more with you...

These were done for a weekend painting event for wetcanvas each one took about an hour and they were all done without preliminary sketch

this is done in sepia watercolours on paper

A pencil study of the same figure as the previous painting

watercolours on paper also without a preliminary sketch


  1. hi jamila thought this was a photo on the thumbnail wonderful studies goodluck with your deadlines ... beautiful snow scene below

  2. Great portraits, especially the first one. I love the old photos and the poses! Hope you get back to painting soon.

  3. Thank you Jane I appreciate your comment... I love painting portraits ... and the snow scene painted itself

  4. Hi Joan How are you?
    IThank you for the sweet comment ... yes I am trying to paint in my free time now ... I have only one painting to go ...


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