Saturday, April 3, 2010

some older work from my favourites

I am still very busy, but I am posting now some of my older work, but I hope I will be able to share my work in progress once I am done with the illustrations                                        
this painting was done a few months ago, I am experimenting with painting without a preliminary sketch... which made me focus very carefully on shapes, tones and shadows.... starting with the darks first and softening them into the whites of the paper to preserve the lights... 
this is a ballerina after rehearsal, I have seen dancers in my work and watched their gruelling routine day in and day out... it amazes me that audiences have no clue of the very hard work and long hours involving the work backstage

This was taken from a reference photo of an old local woman taking a break from working in the field


  1. Hi Jamila
    How have you been. You do such beautiful work, thanks for becoming one of my followers. I have missed seeing your work in Painting Friends and hope you come back soon. Are you still doing the 20 minute warm ups. I sadly am not.

  2. Welcome to Windows to the Words...I am delighted to have you on the blogwagon. I have been admiring your past blogs... great artwork. I hope that you will find time to do a little flower for this month's challenge... I would be honored. Take care.

  3. thank you James It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope I will participate in this months challenge...
    Thank you for making me feel welcome

  4. I love the tender meaning in your Hands piece here. Stunning. Awesome. :) Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lori I am pleased that you like it ... this one has a special meaning to me I wanted to show the hard work and tell the story through the hands


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