Monday, May 31, 2010

fun with water

Hello Everyone These were done for WDE on Wetcanvas from images posted by a friend of mine... JoanT ...back in April... I was hard at doing the illustrations then and needed a breather ... that is what made me experiment to have fun ... I did the first one by applying very wet paint on the shadow area and drop in shades of other colourswhile it was still wet... then after it dried I added the darkest tones
7 by 10 " bockingford 140lb watercolours
This one I did by working wet on dry
10 by 6" bockingford 140lb watercolours
The last óne I soaked the whole paper with water, dropped in a few medium dark tones and when it started t dry, I started working negative shapes... that was rea fun, and the result was so soft
7 by10" bockingford 140lb watercolours


  1. Your work is outstanding. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Joan ... so nice of you to pop in

  3. Jamila - You have a way of taking the reference photos and making them your own!! I love the one of the violinist!!! You do people so well. The doorway has lots of texture and light, and the old pottery looks great. I'm glad you found several of my reference photos to use.

  4. Thank you JOan ...YOur reference photos were really inspiring ... I could have done more still ... but I saved some for later.:)


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