Wednesday, May 26, 2010

portraits again

Lately I have been painting portraits, I love doing them, hard though they are, I just cannot resist them, I feel there is a story behind each face, a character,and soul, to be able to portray all that is a gift some people possess more than athers..
I like to improve on my portraits, I never bother with likeness or anything because I am trying to capture everything else, through painting without a preliminary sketch first, the problem is I sometimes spot a mistake after I am halfway through... that is why I feel frustrated about it ...

My aim is to do a portrait with glowing colours, and in one go.. I mean without needing to fiddle or fix anything at all...

11 by 7" Arches 140lb Cp watercolours
this was done for the WDE .. this is my FOURTH attempt ... the pose was hard to carture but I liked her and wanted to capture her as best I could

10 by 7" bockingford 140lb CP watercolours
This one was so easy to paint there are some portraits that practically paint themselves ... and this sweet old man was one...  I am pleased with the results and skin tones

11 by 7" Bockingford 140lb CP watercolours
This was done from a photo in the IRL  on Wetcanvas for a portrait paint along on Paintingfriends I loved to capture the lighting on her face and her headscarf,  and the pattern,  and strong contrast
Here I actually did a quick rough sketch before colouring it ... because I had to paint away from the white areas on the face


  1. I so love the way you capture characters and the inner being of people so much more important than the exact likeness

  2. Thank you Rlph your coment means a lot to me


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