Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stil Life

Hello everyone
Today I feel so relieved that finally,  I have finished the book illustrations I have been working on for the last few months ... they are twenty in all .. . And I can safely say they take a lot of time, thought , work on concept, character design and dertails ... I mean this is the longest and hardest  project I have worked on ever...I will post some of the illustrations soon
Maybe now I will have more time to paint for fun and start sharing my work with you...

This still life was done for the WDE on wetcanvas I have never painted mongos before but I was pleased with the result... we are supposed to paint for two hours then stop and scan or take a photo of our work then post it ... anyway this one took one hour to do 

This one was also done for the WDE on Wetcanvas and took me a bit more than one hour

The thing about WDE is that you are challenged to work outside your comfort zone, and this helps you grow and develop new skills


  1. glad you've finished jamila you must be looking foward to seeing it published... wonderful WDE still life ..delicate fresh lemons

  2. jamilla, this is lovely.. will be waiting to see the wonderful illustrations.. bet youre happy to have some time, to just enjoy!!!

  3. Thank youJane, yes I can´t wai to see it published and thank you for your commen

    Thank you Maria for the nice comment

    Oh Cindi so nice to see you here.. I will start posting some of my illustrations as soon as possible
    I am almost having no time off since I have to design a few costumes for Sesame Street season four now. But at least they are not too many so there will not be too much pressure.


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