Sunday, May 23, 2010

tea and strawberries

these were done from photos posted by Misswiss , they were just fun to do ... the first one was done wet on dry and I didn´t use mask but skratched the whites on the cut strawberry  carefully so I don´t ruin the paper I painted around the highlights on the big strawberry

8 by 7 1/2" bockingford 140lb CP watercolours

This one was also done wet on dry trying to use the white of the paper for the china ...but I could have done it better with nicer tones ... then I redid the background for I had a dark huge spot somewhere ... I tried to lift it off then did it again ... I am happy with the tea though used burnt sienna and purple with a touch of burnt umber

10 by 6" bockingford 140lb CP watercolours


  1. Jamila - The berries came out delicious looking, and the tea coming out of the teapot into the saucer is lovely. I love the details on the china!!

  2. the stawberries look ready to eat jamilia wonderful...tea looks very good

  3. thank you Joan ... Yes China is fu to paint
    Thank you Jane ... this was so much fun to do ..


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