Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hi All

It has been a lazy week for me ... Taking a real break so my overworked body and soul get a chance to recharge for the upcoming few projects of costume design, coming my way... the best thing to fill my time is painting ... and viewing my friends´blogs and learning.

I have been painting a lot of scenes with figures lately ... it was unintentional but when I looked through my files I found quite a few...

I paint figures in a painting without any facial features ... to me the body language is what makes a figure say it all from a distance ... and this gives me a chance to study the posture and focus on form and darks ... I literally paint only shadows and most times I leave the highlights as pure white paper ...

from a phot posted by Li Newton7 by 11 bockingford 140lb CP watercolours

from a photo posted by doug 7 by 11 bockingford 140lb CP watercolours

a compo of two photos posted by DOug 7 by 11 ockingford 140lb CP watercolours


  1. I always love your figure work. These are great!!! I love the one of the kids at the beach, and I like how you let the other figures sort of bleed out. Nice work!!

  2. Thank you Joan ... I love painting figures ... they represent so much in so little strokes

  3. Your figures are very strong. Reading ahead when you were focusing on the shapes of the light and shadow, that's just what I do on the human form. Sounds easy but it takes practice to see the correct relationships for me.

  4. Ohh HI Carrie ... so nice of you to drop by are absolutely right ... you said it better than I could ever do ... exactly how I work and it needs lots and lots of practice ... and it is hard every time but the challenge and the result is always worth the effort


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