Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Man, woman, and child

Here are some more portraits ... I think I am on Portrait mode...  they are done from references posted on Painting Friends, for a portrait paint along

I was trying to use different skin tones on each, the first one is my third attempt it wasn´t working on the bockinford , I used raw sienna mixed with a touch od allizarine crimson adding coeruleum blue for the cooler side away from the light source. I also used the same raw sienna and coeruleum blue for the hair adding burnt umber on the darer areas ... I worked wet on dry wit juicy colours to enable me to drop colours in,

11 by 7 arches watercolours

the old man was very easy to capture ... I was just laying colours easily with brushstrokes that knew were to go

I used burnt sienna mixed with allizarine and sometimes cadmium red then dropping in cobalt blue in the cooler areas, I masked some of the hair around his face and beneath his mousetache and whiskers

11 by 7 bocingford 140lb CP watercolours

As for the little girl I used cadmium red with llizarin crimson dropping in cobalt blue in the cooler areas painting away from the preserved white areas on her cheek to indicate strong lighting ... I added purple to the shadow areas on the face

11 by 7 arches watercolours

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