Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Fun With Watercolours

Hi All Thank yo to all who joined my blog and to anyone who makes the time to drop in and leave a comment These were donefor the WDE on wetcanvas from images posted by Bunny back on 30th april As always I benefit from these events by practicing and stretching my skills ... I try to develop my style and find a style that is mine ... I focus on shapes and the shadows only sometimes leaving the highlights as pure white paper ... without doing a preliminary sketch first The first one was of Bunny´s dad from an old sepia photo, I used a sepia watercolour and painted wet on dry literally painting the shadows in leaving the white of the paper white and putting in the dark values at the end.
11 by 7" bockingford 140lb CP watercolours this second one was done in the same style but I masked the whites on the butterfly to have more movemet in the washes
7 by11" bockingford 140l CP watercolours
7 by 11" bockingford 140lb CP watercolours

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