Thursday, June 17, 2010

Street artist in Paris

This is another image posted by ScattyKat in the WDE last week and it just blew me away ... another memory from Paris It was also done without a preliminary sketch like all my work ... it let me see things as shapes and shadows and I really focus to see all these lovely shapes around me ... rather than follow pencil lines while working
7 by 11" bockingford 140lb CP in watercolours


  1. I just love your color blending in his clothing and the touches of white. Beautiful job!

  2. Really beautiful--your colors are so flowing. I'm amazed you could do this without drawing--I often do flowers that way, but I tried it with a figure, I'm sure I'd end up with a disaster!

  3. Thank you Joan ... this guy was so much fun to do

    Thank you Laura ... I guess it is a habbit once you acquire the skill and are ready to take chances and risks it becomes easy... In people I focus on the sillouete to ge the whole shape correct...

    WDE is a weekly all media painting event on Wet Canvas where the host posts 16 images and we have two hours to choose and paint then we stop scan and post our work and everybody comments on others work ... it really is so much fun
    here is the link if you like to check it


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