Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twenty Minutes Warm Ups

They didn´t take twenty minutes... the idea is to focus on shapes and shadows and really learn how to see better and improve your painting ...



  1. Awesome shading on those shoes!!! Love the dancer too.

  2. Hi Jamila: these are lovely; what a great way to warmup! The purple glow in the shoes is amazing; the cherries so bright and pretty. The quick sketches of people are very good too!

  3. Thank you JOan ... The shoes were fun to do... and the figures are usually calling to me all the time

    Thank you Laura ... your comment means a lot to me ... it is a great way to warm up ... I believe that these little sketches have more in them than the begger paintings

  4. Hi jamila,

    I love your work and will be posting a thumbnail of your blog. Have a wonderful day.

  5. jamila .. so right re working on smaller sketches .. beautiful sketches as always ... love the shoes

  6. Thank you Joan ... I will do the same for you... Have a post of your link thumbnail

    Thank yo so much Jane ... these sketches are so stress releiving for me ... I also think that they have more energy and stamina than a bigger painting of the same theme


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