Sunday, July 11, 2010


how sweet it is this photo simply begged to be painted .... I was really eager to paint her and she was so easy to paint ... the photo was posted by Conni for a monthly challenge in the watercolour studio As with all of my work I painted without a prior sketch
15 by 11 canson 140lb HP


  1. Beautiful! That light is gorgeous and you've captured such a sweet feeling. Very nice!

  2. Wow, I can't even sketch without erasing a billion times. I couldn't imagine painting without a sketch. lol

    You are extremely talented and are an inspiration to anyone that comes across your artwork.

  3. Thank you Crystal ... your work is brilliant

    Thank you Deanna I appreciate your comment

  4. It's very sweet, it remembers me of my daughter some years ago! I am impressed that you can paint this without sketching before! Compliments!

  5. Thank you for dropping in and the sweet comment Cristina ... I am glad it reminds you of your daughter ... she must be very pretty

    Thank you Maria ... I am a big fan of your loose bright style

  6. goregous jamila ..i love the sense of light


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