Monday, August 9, 2010

Cricket players

I did this one in a slightly tighter style than usual, because the shapes and lines were very interesting and the lend themselves to this style, as I invisioned my subjects on the blank piece of paper.
I started with the black hair first to get a starting point thatwill define my characterand I tried to think about composition and plaanning ahead as I go.
I am trying here to paint the shapes negatively so I can capture the light in the blank space to define the positive shapes.

Going downward and finishing the first figure totally

the second figure is added in the same way focusing on negative shapes and painting them to capture the light in the positive shape done by leaving the paper white in places

Final 15 by 11" arches 140lb rough w&n watercolours

Adding the backgroung and fixing the hair again and the left foot of the left figure by blurring the edges to portray movement


  1. Beautiful whites, colors and movement. I like it very much, Jamila. Bises.

  2. Hi Olivia ... Thank you my dear ... I really appreciate your comment ... your work is fascinating

  3. Great work Jamila. Lot of movement.

  4. Thank you AK .. I was actually trying to portray movement... I am glad you think that I succeeded


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