Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion illustration

I work as costume theatre designer and usually do designs and paint thm in watercolours ... but this is the first time I paint a costume illustration without a prior sketch, which is not easy because usually the costume has a lot of details. I am pleased with the result and the details.
15 by 11" arches 140lb rough w&n AQ watercolous


  1. Without prior sketch : go ahead !Bises.

  2. J'ai toujours aimé les croquis de mode. Jeune étudiant aux Beaux Art, dans les années 60, en France, j'avais un professeur de déco qui était aussi un grand créateur de costumes. Même si je ne peins plus, j'ai toujours gardé cet amour des costumes qu'il avait su nous donner.
    Je trouve ta technique à la hauteur de ton imagination et c'est un plaisir de regarder tes créations.
    C'est avec plaisir aussi que je m'inscris sur ton blog.


  3. Thank you Olivia ... I have been training myself to this technique ... It was very hard at first , and frustrating sometimes, but now I cannot paint any other way

  4. Thank you Roger ... I am flattered by your words... it is a great art to be able to design costumes.... and working in the theatre has enabled me to explore a lot of historical and fatasy territories ... thank you for following my blog ... I have visited your blog .. it is full of artistic visions

  5. Your paintings are really inspiring. I'm going to go and drag out the old watercolour palate now. You've made me want to paint! Amy


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