Friday, August 6, 2010

More Warm ups

Sometimes I am not in the mood to paint, and I think the best way to put myself in the mood is to do a warm up sketch that takes fifteen to twenty minutes and then leave it alone ... some of these warm ups have a lot of interesting results and they can be little pieces of art.
What I learn from these little pieces is how to make your colours glow, how to observe shapes and shadows and how to have better tonal values. And above all I benefit from painting from life, simple things around the house.

A coffee cup

Red velvet cupcake ... very tasty

My new flower pot

coffee mug (different shade of white)

A black coffee mug

spherical shape


  1. Jamila, these sketches are wonderful! So much light and warmth :)

  2. I think because they are done in a playful mood, they come out better than a planned out painting ... Thank you Maria

  3. I do like you, when I am not in the mood or I haven't enough time to paint... these sketches are little gems, I especially like the first coffee cup: it is perfect!

  4. It seems to be a coffee cup for a "smooth" coffee. I like this sketch very much Jamila ! Bises.

  5. Thank you Susan ... I thnk it turned out very well for a ten minute sketch

    Thank you Cristna It is very true they turn out so well they put you right in the mood

    Thank you Olivia ... I liked it the best too it is a (turkish coffee) cup you should try it .. very strong and thick coffee

  6. What a great idea to get the creative mood to move in! Excellent!! I think I'll try this!


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