Saturday, August 21, 2010

still life in a loose mood

still in loose mood ... holding the bg brush halfway up the handle is really fun
7 by 11 arches 140lb rough watercolours

7 by 11" arches 140lb rough watercolours


  1. Jamila, au delà des fruits, ce que j'aime dans cette aquarelle, c'est ce que tu as juste suggéré: la vitre et l'étagère qui met en valeur l'ombre des poires. Les pétales de ta rose son aussi très beaux et surtout ton choix de couleur, je trouve.Bises.

  2. Thank you Olivia ... I am so pleased you like this fruit and the glass and shelf.. the flower was just a gestural brushstroke

  3. Love the looseness to these. I really like the second one. Ciao!

  4. Thank you Joan ... Hope you are having the best time in your trip? Painting loose is really exciting, and usually I get the best results

  5. Beautiful! The color of the pears is lovely. Happy to find your blog, terrific work!


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