Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elegant lady

My Sincerest Apologies
I owe each and everyone of my friends who follow my blog, a huge and heartfelt apology, I have neglected my log and my friends much longer than I intended, but, life was very hard during my absence, and my work took so much effort, health issues and family matters added to all that.
A special and sincere thank you for all my friends who thought my blog is worth following recently, welcome and I hope I will not disappear again to disappoint you.
A quiet thank you for my friends who took the time to leave the  lovely positive and thoughtful comments, they are truly appreciated.
And finally a heart-felt thank you for those who emailed me to ask and inquire about my whereabouts and my health.
                                                          11" by 8" watercolours on paper
As usual, this painting was done without an initial sketch and I painted it a little loosely leaving a lot of white areas to indicate light.

How much will I earn with AdSense?

How much will I earn with AdSense?
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