Saturday, October 15, 2011

My daughter

My daughter is a photogapher, and an artist. This is one of her photos. Grocery shopping in downtown.
She uses a Nikkormat, (Vintage Nikon camera) using film, she uses a 50mm lens, using 100 ISO film. Mostly expired film. I thought I would share it with you. Would appreciate feedback.
If you want to see more:
-My daughter's blog:
-My daughter's Flickr address:


  1. She makes beautiful pictures, Jamila! She has your talent of seeing beautiful scenes!

  2. Thank you Judy, yes she is extremely talented, also paints and critiques my work... I think the younger generation are more exposed to art, culture and the modern technology

  3. you must have an excellent critique jamilia .. just glipseat a few of your daughter's photos .. do you use her photos as references to paint from ever ?

  4. Thank you jane... yes she a good critique at 19 yrs... I am planning to paint some of her photos, I have a few favorites


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