Saturday, November 5, 2011

Very Busy -- behind the scenes # 3

Hi All
I am blessed and really licky to have friends like you... thank you to everyone who has recently joined my blog I am humbled by your sincere comments and your interest in my work... I am sorry if I don´t have the thime to visit your blog and leave comments or reply to your comments on my work, I am extremely busy at the moment doing costumes for the JOrdanian movie Line of Sight by the RFC

11 1/2" by 8" watercolours on arches 300 paper


  1. Success with all your work, Jamila!
    This is a lovely portrait!

  2. i love seeing your work again.. you are so talented.. thanks for much for sharing.. dont work tooo hard!!!

  3. Nice portrait, very lively and delicate.

  4. thank you all so so much, your comments are really appreciated


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