Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting in a loose mood

My favourite style to loosen p is wet into wet ... it really makes me work in a fun way and especialy when I use stronger colours it just works so well. I really soak the paper thoroughly for a few minutes and lay it on a plexiglass board so it doesn´t buckle ...then I just paint on the blank paper

Really ... sometimes I am in a mood that requires this style, it is so rewarding and never fails to produce some of my favourite pieces, still lifes and animal portraits lend themselves to this style so well

7 by 11" arches 140lb rough watercolours

11 by 7" arches 40lb rough waercolours

11 by 7 arches 140lb arches rough


  1. Very luminous... nice colors in your shadows.

  2. Jamila, these are wonderful! I love the choice of colors

  3. I think I must give your technique a try... because your works are simply stunning! I like especially the fruit basket, so appetizing!

  4. I vote for the cat and his strange colors . It's a great idea !

  5. Thank you Maria it is very elaxing to paint in this style

    Cristina ... I am pleased you like this and when you do try painting in this technique, I would love to see it

    Hi Olivia ... thank you ... I am pleased with the colours too ... sometimes I feel the painting literally paints itself


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