Saturday, October 8, 2011

ballet dancer sketch # 5

A HUGE THANK YOU ... to each and everyone of you who is so kink as to follow my blog...and those who dropped by and comented on my paintings.... I do appreciate each comment and feel absolutely rewarded by having friends such as yourselves, your comments make me want to paint more and be a better artist
I also apologies for not having the time to leave comments on your blogs, but I am lurking and following your updated all the time...
watercolours on arches 300 paper- 11 1/2" by 8"


  1. Another lovely ballerina! It is amazing how you capture them with a few brushstrokes!

  2. Thank you for visiting the "photosphera" and chose the blog, very happy to reciprocate with your lovely area.

    A hug

    my photo picasa album

    click Picasa

  3. Hi Judy Hope you are well?
    Thank you for the comment

  4. Hi Ivo... how are you? nice seeing you here again... thank you and I am pleased you have visited my area this is really cool...


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