Sunday, October 16, 2011

ballet dancer sketch #8

I am so excited for this post, it is post #100 on my blog... feels kind of special...
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS SO KIND AS TO FOLLOW MY BLOG... or leave a comment, your input really makes me very happy

I discovered Posemaniacs a few months ago, it is a great reference for any position you wish to draw... they have thousands of figures posing in different poses and you can turn them around and sketch away...
I find it particularly useful when I want to draw costume illustrations that look as close to real life as possible...especially that you don´t have a model near by to sketch...
try it and see how much fun it is
 these ballerina sketches  were not done using this link, it was copied from some photos I took some time ago
11 1/2" by 8" watercolours on arches 300 paper


  1. J'aime beaucoup vos danseuses, très aériennes, toutes en légèreté. Beaucoup de sensibilité dans votre utilisation de l'aquarelle.

  2. Wow - Your paintings are beautiful! I used to be a dancer so this particular subject is of particular interest to me. Utterly exquisite paintings! :0)

  3. Hi Lydie
    Thank you for finding the time to drop by... And the sweet comment... I love your work too, and the colours

  4. Hi Sandra
    Long time no see! I love your comment and appreciate that you dance ... you are lucky... I cannot dance at all...


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